Mariah Carey’s Vegas Hot Spot Is…The Dentist?

Mariah Carey, she of glitter, butterflies, and one-of-a-kind moments, offered up some very unique travel tips for Vegas, where she’s concluding her residency at Caesar’s Palace.

No, she’s not all about a certain club, pool, or pool turned club, in a new interview with Paper Magazine, she recommends that everyone with a child in tow pay a visit to her kids’ dentist.


When the magazine asked Carey where a first-time visitor to Las Vegas should go, she enthusiastically recommended some oral hygiene. Not because it’s fun to sit in the dentist chair, per se, but because her kiddos’ dentist’s office — like all things in Vegas — seems like a veritable playground where occasional tooth maintenance also happens to occur.

"Well, if they have kids they should take them to the dentist that [my kids] go to, because it’s a kids’ dentist and they have all these games there," Carey explained. "I’m sitting here waiting to go to the dentist, like, ‘Let me get to Vegas so I can get to the dentist!’"

Naturally, the writer shot back with a raised eyebrow. Who goes to Vegas for a cleaning? Expecting to get some insider info about a hot restaurant or maybe an ultra-glam treatment at the most exclusive spa, the writer pressed Mimi for a real hot spot, but the diva insisted that the dentist is really where it’s at.

Unfortunately, Carey didn’t offer any additional specifics for the dentist in question. So all of Carey’s devoted lambs will have to scour the Strip for the diva-approved dentist if they want to experience the star’s take on Vegas fun.



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