Visitor Information about Denver, Colorado

Denver is one of the most beautiful state capitols in the United States. Located east of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado is the highest elevation major cities in America. The population in Denver ranks 19 with 2,853,077 citizens. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting facts surrounding Denver, Colorado.

General William Larimer founded Denver in 1858 and named it after Governor James Denver. Because it was located along the path westward, Denver became a frontier land. Its economy was based on trading goods and livestock and servicing local miners by supplying entertainment that included saloons and gambling locations. In 1863, Western Union chose Denver as the location for its regional terminus, further enhancing the town’s population. Throughout the early years, the citizens worked hard to ensure that Denver remained a prosperous city.

Today, Denver remains a key trade location in the western half of the country. The second largest gold producer in North America, the Newmont Mining Corporation as wells as Molson Coors Brewing Company, United Airlines, Kroger Co., Lockheed Martin Corporation and Xcel Energy, Incorporated are all located in Denver.

Visitors can enjoy many activities in Dever. The Ellie Caulkins Opera House supports culture and the arts in the area. In addition to this opera house, visitors can visit the Denver Art Museum and other art galleries in the area. The diverse group of peoples and businesses have ensured that the city remains a key destination city.

There are many wonderful restaurants and large breweries in the area, including the New Belgium Brewing Company and Coors. In the fall, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

Because of its beautiful location, visitors can enjoy many outdoor activities, including kayaking, camping, climbing, hiking and skiing. Additionally, a number of major sports teams call Denver home. The NFL Denver Broncos, the MLB Colorado Rockies, the NBA Denver Nuggets, the NHL Colorado Avalanche and the MLS Colorado Rapids professional teams are all located in Denver, Colorado.

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